We are always eager to assist you, and below you will see how easy it is
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Please call ahead and make an appointment for additional services we offer which include:
  • Custom Jewelry Making & Jewelry Repair
  • eBay Consignments

•     Buying at GITIE'S AUCTIONS: 

1.   Arrive during the Auction Preview prior to the start of the auction.
2.   Before you can bid on an item you will need to register with GITIE'S AUCTIONS. Register to participate and bid by simply providing your Name and a Valid ID.
3.   Once you have registered, you will receive your permanent, unique Bidder's Number to use immediately and at all of GITIE'S AUCTIONS future auctions.
4.   If you have already registered at one of our previous auctions, easily Check-In with your Name and/or Bidder's Number prior to the start of the auction. A new Bidder Number Card can be provided to you if needed or desired.
5.   The excitement of the auction begins! You are now ready to bid often - and win your selected items throughout the auction.
6.   The process at the end of the auction is designed to be fast and efficient. When the auction has concluded, you will pay for the items you won during the auction. Acceptable forms of payment are Cash, Credit Cards, or Check drawn from a local bank.


  • A 10% Buyer's Premium is added to each lot you won at the auction.
  • All items you win at the auction must be paid for in full on the day of the auction and removed from the auction upon completion of your payment.

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•     Selling at GITIE'S AUCTIONS: 

You may have a single item, a piece of property, a collection, or an entire estate or business you wish to sell or liquidate. As a full service business, we offer you many different options to sell with us in order to appeal to the largest possible group of Buyers in order to sell at the buying market's highest possible price.
      Whether you decide to sell through our Auction Service, on Consignment, through our eBay Service, or in GITIE'S MARKETPLACE, please contact Gitie Maliks-Renn personally to schedule a time to discuss your needs and desires through any of the following ways:

Gitie's Phone Numbers:          540-775-1849     or     240-793-4607
Email Gitie:                      
Or:                                                Visit our ' CONTACT US ' page

Thank You for considering GITIE'S AUCTIONS and GITIE'S MARKETPLACE.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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